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Santa Route Map

Event Details

This is a planned route for 2023, this route may change by the time of the event.

You can click or press on the map image above and drag it around to see the full route.
The escort and Santa will follow the blue arrow direction on the map and stop for children at the sidewalks.
The sections of red arrows will just be Santa so long as conditions agree (weather, parked cars, etc)
We will try to reach as much of the township as we can within all considerable limitations of the roads and any weather.

2023 Planned Santa Route
01: Left from Station 6 onto Penrod St
02: Right onto Schrader Ave
03: Right onto Tampa Ave
04: Left onto Hopwood St
05: Left onto Frieda Ave
06: Right onto Penrod St
07: Left onto Ocala Ave and around Cul-de-sac
08: Opposite way Ocala Ave fully
09: Left onto Bay St
10: Left onto Linwood Ave
11: Right onto Ferg St
12: Left onto Florida Ave
13: Left onto Greenich St
14: Right onto Linwood St
15: Right onto Penrod St
16: Right onto Florida Ave
17: Left onto Bay St
18: Left onto Brier Ave
19: Right onto Penrod St
20: Right onto Ringling Ave
21: Left onto Bay St
22: Left onto Scott Ave
23: Right onto Greenich St
24: Right onto Bedford St
25: Left onto Ferg St
26: Left onto Winter St
27: Right onto Price St
28: Left onto Riffith St
29: Right onto Winter St
30: Right onto Penrod St
31: Right onto View St
32: Right onto Oakland Ave
33: Left onto Emerald St
34: Right onto Shomo Ave
35: Right onto Ruby St
36: Santa only if possible 36.a: Right onto Carnation St (Santa)
36.b: Left onto Blue Diamond St (Santa)
36.d: Right onto Oakland Avenue
37: Santa only if possible 37.a: Left onto Clair Ave (Santa)
37.b: Right onto Ohio St
38: Left onto Green Valley St and back down
39: Right onto Ohio St
40: Right onto Coldren St
41: Right onto Woodside Dr
42: Left onto Rainbow Dr
43: Right onto Maxwell Ave
44: Right onto Wildwood Ave
45: Right onto Rainbow Dr
46: Left onto Coral Ave
47: Right onto Coldren St
48: Left onto Lafree St
49: Right onto Freedom Ave
50: Right onto Clermont St
51: Left onto Leisure Ave
52: Left onto Leaf St
53: Right onto Heeney Ave
54: Left onto Darlene St
55: Right onto Kegg Ave
56: Right onto Doreen St
57: Right onto Heeney Ave
58: Left onto Freedom Ave
59: Right onto Kring St
60: Left onto Belmont St
61: Left onto Bentwood Ave
62: Continuing right into Bentwood Ave
63: Left down Eugene St
64: Left onto Wales Ave
65: Right onto Havana St
66: Left onto Eugene St
67: Right onto Penrod St and return to station (End)