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Fire Line Officers
Fire line officers are the individuals leading and overseeing certain duties, such as vehicle operations and inventory, member training and safety operations, and overall supervision and control during dispatches.

Fire Chief:
Stephen Bendick
Deputy Chief:
Dylan Krouse
Assistant Chief:
Joshua Buchanan
Safety Officer:
Tommy Lushko
Captain 1:
Zachary Dabbs
Captain 2:
Mike Wilson
Dominick Hocker
Dominick Hocker
QRS Commander:
Andrew Block
Fire Police Captain:
David Thomas
Fire Police Lieutenant:
Nathan Bishop
Executive Officers
Executive officers are the individuals who help run the business aspects of the station in administrative functions such as financial and secretarial duties.

David Thomas
Vice President:
Larry Plovish
Dylan Krouse
Asst. Secretary:
Raeanne Block
Thomas Carstensen
Asst. Treasurer:
Stephen Bendick

Trustees are individuals assigned more particular duties related to station needs such as managing building spending or making sure property is maintained appropriately.

Zachary Dabbs
Joshua Buchanan
Thomas Lushko
Marie Berkibile
Flo Berkibile