Burning Information and Ordinances

Before doing any sort of outdoor burning/fires please observe the daily fire risk, shown under the right of the header.

The higher the risk the higher the chance of even a small outdoor fire pit potentially starting a brushfire.

Below you can find relative ordinances for municipals we serve to make sure any outdoor burning you do falls within law.

If you plan on doing a notable controlled burn, please feel free to call the station or message us on facebook to tell us.

Local and Neighboring Risk Levels
Forecasted Fire Risks updated roughly around 6AM daily
Bedford Low
Blair Low
Cambria Low
Indiana Low
Somerset Low
Westmoreland Low

Fire Danger Details

DCNR defines 5 levels of Fire Danger:

Low Moderate High Very High Extreme


Favorable conditions. Wildfire ignitions are unlikely. Weather and fuel conditions will lead to slow fire spread, low intensity, and relatively easy control. Outdoor burning is safest.


Cautious conditions. Wildfires may be expected. Wildfires will ignite and spread but are usually not difficult to contain. Outdoor burning should be restricted to early morning and late evening while avoiding windy conditions.


Dangerous conditions. Wildfires ignite easily. Fires spread rapidly and are difficult to control under windy conditions. Outdoor burning is strongly discouraged.

Very High

Volatile conditions. Wildfires start easily and spread rapidly with increased intensity. Fires are very difficult to control. Outdoor burning should not occur.


Extreme conditions. Wildfires start and spread rapidly. Every fire start has the potential to become a large wildfire. Outdoor burning should not occur.

Stonycreek Township Ordinances

Burning falls under Chapter 52 (Click Here), up to date as of 06/08/2021

52-1: Unlawful Acts:
It shall be unlawful to build or kindle fires or bonfires or to burn trash, rubbish, garbage, refuse, debris, brush, trees, grass, weeds, leaves or any other substance or material or to start any fire outdoors on either public or private property within the limits of the Township of Stonycreek, except as set forth.

52-2: Permitted Acts:
Outdoor burning will be permitted within the Township in the following limited circumstances and under the following conditions: brush, trees and similar matter cut down in the course of clearing a lot or parcel of ground for the purpose of selling the same or building thereon and debris resulting from the demolition or razing of a dwelling, barn or other building may be burnt; provided, however, that such burning is permitted by the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the federal government and the regulations of any administrative agency of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the federal government and the person complied with any such laws or regulations; and provided, further, that the person, corporation or other entity seeking to do such burning has first obtained a permit from the Township of Stonycreek or its designated representative.

52-3: Issuance of Permit:
The permit required by § 52-2 above shall be issued by the Road Foreman after a personal inspection by him or by another Township representative assigned for that purpose. Said permit shall contain such specific restrictions and precautions as may be deemed necessary by the officer issuing said permit. The permit shall fix the time when such fire may be built or kindled. The aforementioned officer may refuse to issue any permit under this section if, in his opinion, the contemplated fire would create an undue risk of harm to persons or property within the Township.

52-4: Fee:
A fee of $10 shall be paid to the Township by the applicant for a permit required by § 52-2 at the time the permit is requested.

52-5: Violations and Penalties:
Any person, corporation or other entity who shall violate any of the provisions of this chapter or a permit issued hereunder shall, upon conviction thereof, be sentenced to pay a fine of not less than $25 nor more than $200, plus costs of prosecution, and in default of payment of such fine and costs to undergo imprisonment for a period not exceeding five days.

52-6: Fireplaces, barbecue pits and charcoal burners:

  • Fireplaces, barbecue pits, and charcoal burners are permitted if used for cooking, social or recreational purposes, not used to burn substances set forth in §52-1 hereof and not used to circumvent the intent and prohibition of this chapter.
  • No permitted fire shall be kindled within 25 feet of a structure or flammable material. All open fires in the Township, whether permitted or exempt from permits, shall be constantly attended until the fire is extinguished.
  • The Township Fire Official is authorized to order the extinguishment of fire by the person or persons attending the fire that creates or adds to a hazardous or objectionable situation.

52-7: School-sponsored bonfires:
Schools or bona fide organizations thereof within the Township may, upon obtaining a permit, make a bonfire for use in conjunction with an organized pep rally or similar function. Such school or bona fide organization is hereby exempted from the permit fee.

52-8: Applicability:
This chapter shall not apply to fires created by a duly organized fire company of the Township for the purpose of training or testing of equipment.

Lorain Borough Ordinances

Burning falls under Ordinance 247 (Click Here), Section V: Regulations;

Permits for burning can be obtained from the Lorain Borough permits page (Click Here).

V.A: After the effective date of this Ordinance no Person may permit the Open Burning of material with the exception of the following

V.A.1: No Person shall cause any fire to be burned in Lorain Borough without first obtaining a permit for burning from the Borough or its appointed agent as appointed from time to time by the Lorain Borough Council by resolution.

V.A.1.a: The cost of a permit for burning shall be established from time to time by the Lorain Borough Council by resolution.

V.A.2: No Person shall cause any of the above (see Section IV) Non-Burnable Materials or any like or similar materials not in compliance or inconsistent with this Ordinance

V.A.2.a: It shall be illegal to Burn any materials that give off any acrid, obnoxious or toxic odors, or emit heavy smoke.

V.A.3: Burning, in compliance with this Ordinance, shall be permitted only between the hours of Sunrise and Sunset.

V.A.3.a: Under no conditions shall Burning, as defined herein, be permitted between the hours from sunset to sunrise.

V.A.3.b: Fires allowed to burn or smolder after Sunset shall be in violation of this Ordinance, and all those Persons causing such fires shall be prosecuted under guidelines of this Ordinance.

V.A.4: Burning, in compliance with this Ordinance, shall be attended at all times by an individual fourteen (14) years old or older until such time as the flame has subsided completely.

V.A.4.a: Unattended burning shall be in direct violation of this Ordinance, and all Persons causing and allowing such unattended Burning shall be prosecuted under the guidelines of this Ordinance.

V.A.5: No Burning Container shall be used or stored:

V.A.5.a: within twenty-five (25) feet of any building or structure

V.A.5.b: within twenty (20) feet of any property line or public sidewalk area

V.A.5.c: without the proper cover in place

V.A.6: No Burning Container shall be used for any other purpose

V.A.7: Any and all fires outside of Burning Containers are hereby prohibited with the Borough.

V.A.8: This Ordinance does not prohibit the issuance of "Special Burning Permit" by the local Fire Chief whenever circumstances so dictate.

V.A.8.a: Such Special Permits shall be issued in writing by the local Fire Chief on a form provided by the Borough.

V.A.8.b: In granting such Permit, the local fire chief shall determine whether or not the Fire Company shall be in attendance.

V.A.9: Any and all Police Officers appointed by the Borough or local Fire Chief or agent of the fire department appointed by the Borough are hereby granted the authority and responsibility for inspecting outside Burning Containers for compliance with this Ordinance.

V.A.9.a: In the event any violations of this Ordinance are found to be in existence at the time of inspection, the Police Officer is hereby charged with the responsibility of issuing warnings or citations, as merited, for all violations of this Ordinance.

V.A.10: Exceptions:

V.A.10.a: A fire set to prevent or abate a fire hazard, when approved by the Department of Environmental Protection's Regional Air Quality Program office and set by or under the supervision of a public officer.

V.A.10.b: Any fire set for the purpose of instructing personnel in fire fighting, when approved by the Department of Environmental Protection's Regional Air Quality Program office.

V.A.10.c: A fire set for the prevention and control of disease or pests, when approved by the Department of Environmental Protection's Regional Air Quality Program office.

V.A.10.d: A fire set in conjunction with the production of agricultural commodities in their un-manufactured state on the premises of the farm operation.

V.A.10.e: reserved

V.A.10.f: A fire set for the purpose of Burning that amount of Yard Waste generated from the premises of a structure occupied soley as a dwelling by two families or less (except where composting is mandatory), when the fire is on the premises of said structure.

V.A.10.g: A fire set solely for cooking food.

V.A.10.h: A fire set solely for recreational or ceremonial purposes.

V.A.10.i: A fire set for the purpose of Burning Clearing and Grubbing Waste if within an Air Basin shall have an air curtain destructor that must be approved by the Department of Environmental Protection's Regional Air Quality Program Office.